Jonah Wisdom

Just now as I was taking Jonah to the potty, he and I had this conversation.

Jonah: Where did that blister come from?

Me: I think you’ve been scratching there. You really like to scratch.

Jonah: (defensively) No I don’t! It just itches!

Me: I know, Buddy. I know it itches so much. I wish I could take your itchies away.

Jonah: Only my Father can do that.

Me: I know. And we’ll keep praying every day that He takes your boo boos away. But if He doesn’t heal you here, where will you be healed?

Jonah: In Heaven. But if I’m healed here, what will that be like?

Me: No more itchies. No more blisters. No more bandage changes.

Jonah: And my skin would be perfect just like other people’s?

And then I cried… READ MORE

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