I grew up going to church every time the doors were open, but never understood that walking with Jesus was about relationship, not religion, until I was in my late 20’s. After a rocky start to married life and losing my first son to stillbirth in 2008, I began to cling to Jesus as if my life depended on it. And oh how it did!

Soon after losing my first son, my second son was born with a very rare, chronic, often fatal skin disorder. We were told that Jonah might not live to see his first birthday and began to seek God like never before. Our church, friends, and family truly became the hands and feet of Jesus in our life, and we saw what faith-lived-out really means. After Jonah became a bit more stable, and I adapted to a new normal, I jumped into women’s ministry with both feet and began sharing our story whenever and wherever I got the opportunity. God had given us a story to tell, and I wanted to tell it! All my fears of public speaking, from college, literally melted away, almost overnight.

Through telling that beautiful story of God’s faithfulness and redemption in my life, I soon realized my gift and calling for speaking, teaching, and pouring into women. I’m the head of Women’s Ministry at Pinedale Christian Church in Winston-Salem, NC and lead weekly Bible study there on Wednesday nights. I speak at community events whenever I have the opportunity, and enjoy every minute.

I’m happily married to my sort-of high school sweetheart, Matt, who keeps me grounded and makes me laugh daily. Jonah is now 8 years old. He wears full body bandages at all times and endures daily blistering and pain. He still struggles but is stable, which we are so thankful for. He is such a light for Jesus! We adopted our now five-year-old son, Gideon, through foster care, and he keeps us laughing – whether it’s calling something “buh-scusting” if it’s gross or yelling at me to go “SPEED LEMON!” if he wants me to pass a slower car. He’s mischievous and crazy and maddening and totally awesome. Our baby Gabe lives in Heaven, and we can’t wait to meet him one day soon. We are mostly jealous that he gets to hang out with Jesus and wouldn’t call him back if we could.

I love my three boys (and my Heaven Sweetie!) with all my heart, even though there are days they make me crazy. Even our dogs are boys, and sometimes I wear more lipstick just to try to up the estrogen in our home. It doesn’t really work.

Digging into God’s Word and sharing His Truth are my favorite hobbies, with laughing and eating tacos coming in a close third and fourth.