The Proposal

Matt and I are reading through the Bible this year, and have just finished reading Radical. And although the Church does many good things (and I’m in no way speaking against any congregation or church specifically, just more the American Church as a whole), we miss the point. A lot. When I read that the first Christians sold all they had and gave to each other as each had need, and I hear Jesus say not to store up earthly treasures, and I read that I’m commanded (commanded, not called) to sacrifice everything to live and love like Jesus and to help those in need, I wonder how we got here. How we got to this place of planning beach retirements, huge life insurance policies, cushy retirement accounts, working like dogs to one day be able to do whatever WE want (or nothing at all), and to live for ourselves. All of this while people starve in the streets, thousands don’t have the medical care they need (even in our own country), millions of people live on less than $2 a day etc. There are so many needs. READ MORE

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