Playing Cars with Jesus

After we finished prayers, we were just lying there talking, and started talking about God and Jesus and Gabe living up in Heaven.

Jonah: I want Gabe to come to my house.

Me: I know, Buddy, but Gabe can’t. He lives up in Heaven with God and Jesus. And you know what? Someday we will go live up there too, with them.

Jonah: And God will play cars with me?

Me: I bet He would! Do you think that would be fun?

Jonah: Yeah!

Me: What cars do you think God would like to play with?

Jonah: (kind of starry voiced) Ohhhh, He play with Pretty Car (his Prius) and Recycling Truck and Grampa’s Car (a little red car we have).

Me: Wow, Jonah! Those are some of your favorites. You would let God play with those?

Jonah: Sure He can!

Me: And what car is your favorite?

Jonah: Green Van!

Me: Do you think you would let Jesus play with your Green Van?

Jonah: How ’bout Jonah play with it first?

Me: Sure. I bet Jesus would be happy for you to play with it first, but then maybe He could take a turn?

Jonah: Sure!

I don’t know what it was, exactly, about the conversation that touched me… READ MORE

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